2021 Cadillac Escalade Leaked!


Early this morning, a YouTube channel posted a video of the 2021 Escalade before the embargo lifted. It was quickly taken down after I watched it. However, I knew something was fishy when there were no other posts or videos about it, so I took screenshots to share! Sorry it’s light on commentary. I’m on my phone and wanted to be first…

The 2021 gains a completely new look based on the new and quite about larger platform of the Tahoe/Suburban GM unveiled a few weeks ago. The front end may take some getting used to, but buyers will grow to like it. The rear is a bit plain, though so may think it’s a “clean design”. For something like the Escalade, clean or plain may not be the right fit.

The biggest mechanical changes are the inclusion of adaptive dampers, optional air suspension for smoother ride, a Diesel engine, Cadillac’s super cruise, and what they call a 38” screen. I’m going based off memory, but there are three screens 7, 14, and 16 inches across the dashboard. Just look at the pictures to see what I mean. Something of note, 19 speakers are standard…. because there’s an optional 36 speaker system. It’s super extra and I love it.

The interior looks really cool in my opinion and the extra space from the independent rear suspension should match up well with the Lincoln Navigator. Toss in the Escalade’s air suspension and Lincoln should be worried. The Escalade is the definitive XL luxury SUV and they should be able to reclaim that sales crown.

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  • No V-model? I’d rock a 600 hp Escalade. Big, smooth, fast. I’m not sure about the front end look, looks a lot like a truck.

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