Maserati Drastically DROPS Prices on 2020 Models!


Maserati is slashing prices for the Ghibli, Levante and Quattroporte for the 2020 model year. To which I say, finally! Cars almost never get cheaper, but when sales are as low as Maserati sales have been, drastic changes must be made. They only sold around 11,000 vehicles total in 2019, which is even lower than 2018 sales. At a time when people who can afford these have more money than ever, this is terrible. The luxury market continues to shine, Maserati, not so much.

In an effort to turn it around, the 2020 Ghibli is now $5,990 cheaper than the 2019 model. The Levante is $3,990 cheaper than before, and the Quattroporte is $8,490 less. With destination included, these are the new 2020 base prices:

Ghibli: $70,985
Levante: $74,485
Quattroporte: $101,485

Basically, buy a 2020, not a 2019. Or at least start negotiating with the 2020 price. Pricing should bring models more in line with their German competitors that Maserati has moved down market to compete with. Whether this was even the right strategy is up for debate.

Does this look like a $70K interior?

The Ghibli and Levante are decently nice and stylish cars, but they just don’t have the performance or luxury to justify their prices. Sure, they are more unique than a BMW 540i or X6, but they are slower, less luxurious, and still quite a bit more expensive. If you thought German cars were “unreliable”, I can’t imagine how often Maseratis need to get serviced or repaired. Not to mention the lack of dealer support, some owners may have to drive quite far for service and repairs.

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