Hyundai’s Genesis Catches Lexus Off-Guard with the new GV80 Crossover


Hyundai’s luxury brand finally announced it’s joining the crossover party with the GV80 and has caught Lexus and Acura asleep at the wheel… Yeah, it was cheesy, deal with it. If you are looking for a mid-size SUV that isn’t an X5, GLE, or Q7, this is the one to get.

Genesis dropped the ball when their first 3 models were sedans. Not to mention the botched release and dealership issues they are still currently facing. Who wants to go to a Hyundai dealership to buy a $90k G90 sedan.

Either way, they are at least trying to fix these mistakes as quickly as possible and the GV80 is a great start. The overall exterior design is pleasant with an almost Bentley like profile and shape. Essentially a better looking Bentayga. However, once you start to look at individual lines and pieces, the design starts to unravel. The grille works, the headlights are interesting, but may not age well, and the rear is slightly bland. The lines on the side and back look unfinished and I hate the upward window sweep on the back.

They better offer that green color in the US. Midsize crossovers as a whole offer the most stale color palette I’ve ever seen.

Inside is a completely different story. It’s luxurious and not too busy with excellent choices in design details. I’m grateful their black interior isn’t full of dull black leather and plastic. Genesis is now the leader in the “not a Tesla” screen size measuring contest at 14.5 inches.

Lexus, Acura, Infiniti have somehow fallen way behind in the midsize SUV category and it doesn’t seem like something that will change anytime soon. The RX350L is a bust because it is a half-assed attempt to compete. The Acura MDX is quite old and due for a refresh, but if the current RDX is anything to go by, it won’t have the luxury chops to compete. Acura has become a shell of its former self, they are barely above Honda. Infiniti is lost in the woods with no compass or map.

Audi’s Q7 is perplexing because it looks so ugly and has terrible driving dynamics, yet people still buy it. The top two options are the BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE which will cost thousands more.

Expect the GV80 to outsell the combined amounts of the rest of the Genesis lineup when it is released. They should need to dump every resource available to get a compact crossover out as soon as possible. GV70?

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